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Guru3D: ASUS Rampage III Black Edition review


If one thing is a fact then it's that the X58 chipset is technology that keeps on living on the edge. Quick match tells me that the X58 chipset is now roughly two and a half years old. And it is still alive and very much kicks ass big-time! While P67 for Sandy Bridge is the equivalent kickass product, the X58 based motherboards give you some advantages, and that would be the Core i7 socket 1366 processor, including the 6-core Nehalem based processors of course.

What surprises me is that X58 is like a Duracell battery, you know the commercial with the bunny that keeps on going? That's X58 and that's also the reason why we still see new motherboard designs based on X58.

I'm not joking here, this motherboard is ridiculous (in the good sense of the word). My first hint was when I took the product out of the packaging, the motherboard is seriously heavy, and then you start checking the features and tick them off your wish list, it's all there man.

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