Bashing Linux Is Like..Wait, What’s Linux Again?

Derangedshaman: "It never fails when some meathead decides to bash a company by claiming not to bash it. That title goes to Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin. For those of you who do not know what Linux is, and theirs a whole lot of you out there. It’s an open-source operating system that most of you will never care about. Zemlin for reason unknown (boredom perhaps) decided to light a fire under Microsoft".

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toaster3890d ago

You mad? I use both and I have to say Linux works much better than Windows. Things you expect your computer to do, happen on Linux. And you fight (the interface, mostly) for those features on Windows.

The only reason I really use Windows is for Steam.

Speed-Racer3890d ago

If it were not for Linux, I would have to pay for a silly Windows license to run my web server with.

Techsmith3889d ago

Come on Racer, there's plenty of ways to use a web server on windows for free.

GrumpyVeteran3889d ago


Maybe I'm thinking of something else but can't you just run apache or something on your machine for a web server?

I think I've done it before, and it was all free. Some fan site for a game I think, I had up for a while.

Speed-Racer3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Apache is an HTTP handler...which needs an OS to run on i.e. some form of Linux or Windows such as ubuntu, debian, centos, etc.

I'm using ubuntu for the OS, and NGINX instead of Apache.

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Techsmith3889d ago

"And you fight (the interface, mostly) for those features on Windows".

That says it all. :)

AuToFiRE3890d ago

The only reason I use windows is for newer games, thats it, everything else runs perfectly on linux. not to mention that linux runs so so soooo much better than even a fresh install of windows. Linux changes heavily every 6 months. Windows is in the lead because its a monopoly, you buy a computer, you have no choice but to buy the OS with it

Techsmith3889d ago

What's this monopoly your talking about? No ones forces people to use Windows. Just like no one forces you to use Linux, its all about what works for you.

Speed-Racer3889d ago

Not really. Most programs are geared to Windows based machines, so you have to file to suit. Many people are not exactly tech savvy, and choose Windows because it is the easiest option to work with. Also for compatibility sakes, it's just easier to do it on a Windows or Mac than Linux for general purpose things.

AuToFiRE3889d ago

when you go out and buy a prebuilt computer you are also paying $50-100 for windows that is already installed on it, you have no choice in your OS.

Syko3889d ago

In light of the comments here, I am going to still come out and say this...

I like Windows.

No hate on Linux just prefer every program working with only the normal Windows hassles lol.

xDaRkModEx3889d ago

I like linux, don't how to use it to the max but it is pretty cool. But I play games so windows is my primary OS because of that.

Speed-Racer3889d ago

I just have to say I love the baby in the picture

Techsmith3889d ago

At least we can agree on that :)

andron3889d ago

Yeah, I think it's of the articles author when he was a child. Would certainly explain his dislike for

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