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Why I’m sick of rubbish battery life

Patrick Steen at Which? Conversation: Do you remember when your mobile’s battery lasted more than a couple of days? Great big screens and skinny bodies soon put an end to that. Poor battery life is the bane of modern technology – will it ever get better?

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iamnsuperman3889d ago

It is kinda hard to believe that no company has made major effort to increase battery life.

DrHouse3889d ago

System updates with only software changes increased the Evo's battery life form a measly 4 hours to 9 hours, your lack of intelligence is disturbing.

Syko3889d ago

House I think superman was referring to the actual "Hardware" side of things. As in the Physical battery.

I too have increased the battery life on my Galaxy S simply by rooting and loading a custom rom.

But as for the physical battery no one seems to be able to make a technological leap that can keep up with the technology of our modern gadgets.

At the very least, people may find one of our reading comprehension abilities "Disturbing" xD

techie3888d ago

OMG Dr House. 9 hours!? Have fun carrying that charger around. But seriously, we need phones that last a week again

iamnsuperman3888d ago

Syko got what I was saying.... @Dr House software is great and it is a temp solution but why hasn't there been investment in the developing the hardware further to last longer. It seams it is the only tech on a smart phone still lagging behind

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thinking3889d ago

Same, I hate having to charge my devices every day.

techie3889d ago

Who doesn't? They need to sort it out.

Sprudling3889d ago

My old Sony Ericsson lasts a week. When the battery was new it lasted almost two.

techie3888d ago

How old Sprud? Did you use it much?

Syko3889d ago

I had a real nice comment to post, but I drained my battery reading the article...FML Ha ha.

GodsHand3889d ago

I have not heard much about it, but I think it was a citizen watch that was powered by the person wearing it, is that dead tech.

Syko3889d ago

No they are still around, but powering a wrist watch is much different (easier) than powering a Retina display lol...

GodsHand3889d ago

I just figured with as much time that has gone by, they maybe would of had a break-thru in that people power tech. Kind of like the matrix where they would use people to power the matrix, because we are just a battery after all, that will one day run out of juice, and get reclycled back into something different.

Syko3889d ago

Oh I agree the article covered, I think the possible future tech is in line with what you are talking about in the eco drive type way...

FTA: "Is there a silver lining for the rest of our portable tech? Well, scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have been busy working on a tiny chip that can be charged by small movements, such as walking or electricity when flexed."

gaden_malak3889d ago

The citizen watches are charged by light energy.

stubbed_out3889d ago

Completely agree, I love all the new tech, yay! But bloody hell the battery fucks me right off, iphone every single go out and always worry that you'll run out of juice. I'm not upgrading the 3GS till they improve that damned battery, even marginally.

I'm interested into why the designers haven't 1) made more powerful batteries to keep up with new technologies or 2) concentrated a lot more on creating small technologies that are a whole lot more efficient.

Well thank god these smartphones plug into USB otherwise we'd all be screwed.

truehunter3889d ago

I doubt it, Once apple goes Iphone 3D/Itouch 3D .. again the life of it will never improve. They improve tha life sure but its drain once the tech is also improve.
I mean higher pixel resolution display.
Higher CPU/GPU
Higher Wifi 3G/4G

Out of tha pass 3 years i still see Cell phone with touch screen avg 6.5 hours of usage. As high as 8 hours an low as 4 hours.
Also stubbed Sony still dont support USB Charging in most of there phone witch suck.

stubbed_out3883d ago

The smartphone battery paradox can go to hell!

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