Bubble-Infused Plastic Could Help Make Ford's Cars 750 Pounds Lighter

Fast Company's Fast Code Design: "Here's one thing that often gets lost in the shuffle when debating the sexier points of green transportation: the simplest way to make a car, plane, whathaveyou more eco-friendly is just to make the whole damn thing lighter. All well and good, but how do you make sure that those industrial-grade plastic parts maintain their strength once you lighten them up? A technology developed at MIT called MuCell, and now being explored by automakers like Ford and Cadillac, has an answer. And that answer is: just add bubbles."

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Speed-Racer3902d ago

Sounds cool but I wonder how safe it is

Captain Tuttle3901d ago

I'd imagine that it could be safer. The bubbles absorb the impact and spread it out over a much greater surface area?