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A beautiful screen, a weak battery, a door to the future: Ars reviews the Nintendo 3DS

Ars Technica: "I want to be shown something new when I play a fresh gaming system, something that wouldn't be possible on the hardware I already have in my home. The first time I was able to go hands-on with the 3DS and experience a working 3D technology that didn't require glasses, I knew that Nintendo was onto something big.

During that initial presentation, Nintendo mocked 3D televisions and movies that required bulky, uncomfortable glasses, and they were right to do so: a good, mass-market technology for delivering 3D in the home just doesn't seem to exist yet... at least outside of portable gaming devices. At $250, the 3DS isn't cheap, but Nintendo has to be tired of seeing its systems sell out and the gray market take advantage of the mark-ups. This time the company seems comfortable going for a higher price out of the gate.

We've had a long time to play with the 3DS and with a number of the system's launch games. It has problems, some of which are pretty large, but I never lost the feeling of magic from that first demo, flying around in Pilotwings Resort in full 3D, taking in the scenery. That's what Nintendo is delivering, and that's why this system is going to be a hit. Eventually."

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Syko3902d ago

FTA: "Don't try to play the system in a moving car unless you have a high tolerance for headaches. We have yet to test the system on a plane, but moving while focusing on the 3D screen has proven... uncomfortable"

Seems like that makes it an instant do not buy for my son. The kid always wants his PSP within an arms length whenever we are leaving the house for more than an hour...Possible eye damage and headaches if he uses it in the car??? Seems like this technology isn't ready for prime time. Which was obvious to me when I saw the TV technology first hand at CES in January.

fatstarr3901d ago

cant he just play 3D off. some say its bad for kids under 6 i dont know your sons age but if he ever got one would you take advantage of the parental settings?

also 1300mAh battery is really trash my old omnia had that type of battery and it barely lasted the day. how hard is it to go to a 1800mAh++ battery like they arent bigger because they fit in alot of phones.

Bull5hifT3901d ago

Are You the Owner of This Site? You Have Too Many Bubbles, Hacking?.... Anyways, My lil Brother really Wants a 3DS, but im telling him The NGP will Be Much Greater, this 3D phase was just a way for Companys to avoid OLED technology which wouldnt profit soo much at the time, it was introduced 3D really doesnt Cost to Much to Make

fatstarr3900d ago

dont convert your lil bro to the ngp which will have more adult oriented games.

the 3DS will be a great system. everyone is just pointing out flaws to slow down the snowball from becoming a moon sized ball.

michass83902d ago

It shouldn't be use by children under 6 years old, as their eyes (and brain) only developing... there is something wrong with this device, we will see within few months what are the consequences of using this device for longer time...

Captain Tuttle3901d ago

I played this at Best Buy last week. The 3D works for me but I was surprised at how uncomfortable I really produced alot of eyestrain for me. The slider is definitely a good idea because the 3D effect isn't for everybody.

mcstorm3901d ago

I think the people who buy the 3DS will play most games with 3D turned off anyway. I think Nintendo added the 3D to this device to show it was a new ds device not anoter ds with another name. I do expect this device to sell in its millions again like the original ds did.

michass83901d ago

agree, they will play with 3d turned off, but pay for the device with this feature, there should be the option to buy cheaper version without 3D... :)

Pillage053901d ago

Does it bug anyone else to read comments like "just turn the 3d off." I mean, doesn't the 3ds kind of lose it's coolness if you're not even going to be using the 3d feature. You're paying a pretty penny for some pretty cool 3d tech that you're not even going to use.

It's kind of like blowing the extra money on a highly powerful gpu for your computer with no intention of gaming/or other 3d graphic application. It's going to be real interesting to see how the 3ds does at market. I think the numbers over the next couple of years are really going to give us an insight as to whether 3d is here to stay or a passing fad that just gives everyone headaches.

fatstarr3900d ago

nah it doesnt bug me. i love the option that they give you the ability to do it.

people blow money for the next new gadget.
3D is a phase that wil turn into holograms.
you are buying a 3DS because its a new gaming machine.
thats like buying a new phone to do everything besides make phone calls or text.

you buy a phone to use as a phone first
you buy a console to use as a console first
the main point of the system is gaming. 3D and touchscreen last.

Captain Tuttle3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Besides the fact that it is a pretty significant update to the DS on the hardware side even when taking the 3D out of the equation. I just played Pilot Wings but the colors were vibrant (even with the 3D off) and the game ran smooth as silk.

Edit: And it's backwards compatible.

fatstarr3900d ago

Dam once i get my paychecks the first thing im buying is this.

Nintendo has never steered me wrong.