Google Chrome Needs to Lose Weight

When Google launched Google Chrome back in in December 2008, it was a lightweight and fast web browser with rather limited functionality. According to numbers from Anthony Laforge, Technical Program Manager at Google, the binary size of the Windows version of the browser was 9 megabytes at the time.

As Chrome has been updated and improved with increased functionality, the browser has put on a lot of weight. When version 6.0 was released last September, the size had more than doubled. Today’s edition, Chrome 10.0, is 26.2 megabytes, almost three times as much as version 1.0. For comparison, the download file for Firefox 4 is 12 megabytes, while Opera 11 is only 8.8 megabytes.

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Speed-Racer3905d ago

I dont think the filesize matter, what matter is how much of your memory gets hogged up when it's in use. Chrome compared to Firefox and so on are still much lighter on the system yea.

michass83905d ago

I think I will stick with my old fat Chrome LOL

biRdy3905d ago

Wow who in the world cares how much memory a browser is? like 10 mb really matters unless your hard drive can only hold 50mb of memory.
Maybe Firefox needs to gain weight did you ever think of that?

shadowon3905d ago

Haha, yes I did, but this is not my own opinion. It's the Google Chrome developers who are concerned about this ;)

GrumpyVeteran3904d ago

So what?

Firefox was using ~2GB of RAM yesterday.

Chrome uses <500mb

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