Tom's System Builder Marathon, March 2011: $2000 Performance PC

Tom's Hardware: "Few times has Intel’s old “Leap Ahead” slogan been more appropriate than with its Sandy Bridge launch, its new processor offering moderate performance gains simultaneous to huge power reduction. Yet, CPU competitor AMD hasn’t been lying motionless, its old “Leap Beyond” campaign similarly suited to new graphics cards that, thanks to superior multi-GPU scaling, speed past Nvidia’s competing parts while consuming far less power and selling for a far lower price. With all these advancements only a few easy mouse clicks away, all we needed was a real-world complete build to compare today’s advanced parts to the pathetic antiques of last year."

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fatstarr3908d ago

pretty solid computer for 2k.

I dont know if i should wait or build my next rig yet.

Syko3908d ago

I am holding out till at least May when the P67 Sandy Bridge MB's start dropping again.