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HTC EVO 3D officially announced for Sprint

Engadget: "There's not exactly a lot of surprises left at this point, but Sprint has just officially announced that it will be the exclusive carrier for the brand new HTC EVO 3D. The standout feature here is of course that 4.3-inch, glasses-free 3D display, but the phone is far from just a gimmick -- you'll also get a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, WiMAX connectivity (including mobile hotspot support), dual 5 megapixel cameras with a flash 'round back, a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera, support for 1080p video playback via the HDMI out (or 720p for 3D content), and Android 2.3 with Sense. Still no word on pricing, but you can look for it to be available sometime this summer."

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michass83904d ago

Another great device with one huge issue... internal memory... only 1 GB, very disappointed :/

michass83903d ago

Update: it is actually 4GB of internal storage, not too bad, but comparing with other top devices in this price range it is very little :)

saf1007923903d ago

most devices with more don't come with an sd slot.. pretty sure this does

michass83903d ago

but still it is not good, cos if your internal memory is full, even if you have 32GB SD card, you still won't be able to get more apps...

kalel1143903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

You can move and run apps off your sd card. All phones with Android 2.2 or higher can do this.

michass83902d ago

Say that to my HTC Desire :) you are only able to move part of the app to SD, and the rest will stay on your internal memory. If you are a heavy app and game user, you would be surprised how fast the memory runs out :)

kalel1143902d ago

Maybe you don't know how. Here is a vid to help you out.


michass83902d ago

LOL I know how to move the app to SD, but even if you move the app there is still some part of it staying on your internal memory, and some apps like maps etc. are unable to move. You would be surprised how fast you run out with memory if you are a heavy app user. At this point I am looking for upgrade and phone has to have at least 8GB of internal memory otherwise it will only annoy you wit the message: Your memory is getting low.... after a while. :)

fatstarr3904d ago

i wonder if sprint will be acquired by Verizon...

kalel1143903d ago

I think that is a very big long shot.

fatstarr3903d ago

yea really out of this world,
maybe they can be collaborative partners.

daghost11253902d ago

verizon already expressed they have no interest in sprint and didnt even bother to comment on the at&t t-mobile dead. Probable because its still a long shot from it actually happening.