100,000+ sign petition against “Gay Cure” iPhone App

Blog Technical: "Amidst the controversy surrounding the new “Gay Cure” iPhone app, over 100,000 people have signed a petition asking Apple to remove the app from the store, even after it was approved with a 4/5 star rating."

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Speed-Racer3364d ago

Shameful on Apple's part to approve such an app. Hope it gets taken down.

michass83364d ago

After the storm around it, will :)Apple should check what they approving lol

FinalSpartan3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Well i don't dislike or have hatred for gays, they just people like individuals, BUT i don't agree with it, I disagree with homosexual and i don't think its cool in my opinion. GOD had destroyed nations because of homosexuality...( Pompie ) and if GOD don't agree with it, The who are you to agree? Your nobody thats it gay or not. Can't say nothing. Sorry.

RonyDean3364d ago

1) What a stupid app. 2) Does Apple not check what they are approving?

Speed-Racer3364d ago

Maybe robots approve it LOL


hazelamy3364d ago

i hope not, because the implications if they allowed this to go through knowingly, well, no corporation likes to be thought of as institutionally bigoted

madjedi3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Yes every leadership position knew about the app and gave it their personal approval. -_-

Apple doesn't really care if you or others are gay hazel, the only thing the care is that you buy their overpriced devices. "institutionally bigoted" Look up george carlins 7 dirty words act.

So ran by homophobes or homophobic people wasn't sophisticated enough for you, you have to pull out the political correctness jargon, there is something to be said for keeping it short and sweet.

How does this stupid website create another account with a already taken name and email information?

ballsofsteel3364d ago

i find it odd that steve jobs vehemently say porn apps do not belong on the app store but apparently gay cure apps are allowed? nice to see where the line is

fatstarr3364d ago

that is what i was just thinking.

thehitman3364d ago

It will probably be removed just because its on it doesnt mean its under their definition as allowed it probably just slipped the system they have shit load of apps pretty sure they dont have a human eye on every1 that they approve.

creamsoda3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

i'm not gay but i think its disrespectful for an app like this to be approved by apple, when i was younger i would have found it funny but i think its just sad. shame on them. (im 20 btw lol)

and of course apple knew about this! controversey = SALE$$$

MaximusPrime3363d ago

don't like it, don't download it.


Speed-Racer3363d ago

It seems people are downloading it just so they can rate it 1/5

duplissi3363d ago


people need to get over themselves....

hell make a "straight cure" app and i still wont give a ****..

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