10.0 VisionTek Killer HD5770 Combo Review says: "In conclusion this is a GREAT graphic / networking card. For just $200 it will not break the bank, and it will be good enough for at least another 2 years. As I said earlier, I have never used a Visiontek product before, and after this test I think it is safe to say I will towards them when I need the power of the future."

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fatstarr3912d ago

Very interesting device here.

michass83912d ago

Not too expensive and pretty good.

fatstarr3912d ago

yea but its ATI that's the only problem with this that i have.
but its more personal

toaster3911d ago

Quite understandable. ATI/AMD cards tend to have more problems than nVidia cards. Drivers for example.

toaster3911d ago

I have a 9800GT from nVidia. I have a few friends who are always complaining about drivers for their AMD cards though. Not sure if you know this user, but Megaton on N4G has an ATI card and had some pretty bad driver issues. And there's the performance too. Right now there is no reason to get an AMD card as nVidia has the best performing card in every price range (except $600+).

TheGamingExperience3911d ago


I do agree on that aspect of Drivers. However, I have always had some great help from the support / customer service teams at AMD/ATI for their cards.

The only bad driver issue I have ever had with an ATI is with the new Eyefinity cards.