Firefox 4 to Launch on March 22

Damon Sicor, Mozilla’s lead developer, yesterday posted a status report of Firefox 4 on the company’s planning calendar. According to the post, the development team at Mozilla have agreed to release the final version of Firefox 4 on March 22.

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Aussiegamer3912d ago

Been using the beta and absolutely love it.

Aussiegamer3911d ago

I have tried opera and dont like it at all, it ll comes down to what people are used to I think.

StbI9903911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Umm, doubt, if you did then you wouldn´t even flinch in the thought of opera being the most complete and capable browser of them all...

First Try opening more than 50 tabs(yes I kind of daily open such an amount) in any browser to check performance, while opera keep it real firefox, chrome or safari or any other make a deal, that coming from an user wth an old P4 3.0 2GB ram pc on road, also find me a browser with feedback reader, Email checker (Support multi account throughout every service out there), torrent manager, bookmark manager beyond what firefox or chrome offer, synchronization throughout any other opera, this mean, all your browse data intact after a good window re-installation and guess what, all that pre integrated, even support chat from gmail, hotmail or even facebook xD, no extension or external sht for, in resume son, you ain´t tried nothing at all.

Whoever says otherwise, don´t know what opera is AT ALL.

fatstarr3912d ago

I dont get why browser launches are so hyped like its a new game or something.

StbI9903911d ago

Isn´t it what people use to browse...there

michass83912d ago

I think I will stick with the Chrome anyway :)

badkolo3912d ago

chrome is just saw smooth, firefox is addon-s dream but always was a memory hog but firefox 4 is a major improvement so ill give it a try but chrome has been so flawless for me with tiny hiccups that barely ever occur.

Idree3912d ago

Can't wait.

Firefox got me totally addon dependant :)

But i really don't mind, since it's all up to the user :3