Pioneer DreamBook ePad H10 HD Honeycomb Tablet unveiled; coming mid-April

First Android Honeycomb Tablet from Pioneer is finally released, it’s yet another tablet to compete with main stream manufactures out there with Honeycomb, the name tablet is Pioneer DreamBook ePad H 10 HD which is a little long name to pronounce.

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techprezz3748d ago

Dreambook? Seems like copy cat of Motorola Xoom ..

How could Pioneer can fight with other great tablets? I cant see any future for this Tab.

michass83747d ago

And another one... Dual core seems to a standard from now on :) wondering which one will get the quad core first :) big competition out there, it is only matter of time... lol

fatstarr3746d ago

Everyone is following apples lead in everymarket...