iPad vs iPad 2: differences between specs, price and others

Since its launch, Apple’s iPad was a serious thread to classic notebooks and it raised the technology expectations to another level, unthinkable before and hard to defeat today. Now the time has come for Apple to upgrade it’s iPad, bringing it to a whole new level, to confirm its leader position on the tablet market, so since they have announced the release of iPad 2, lots of people wanted to see what exactly iPad 2 means and what are the main differences between iPad and iPad 2.

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michass83914d ago

Even if the iPad 2 is way better than the previous version, I think it will be worth to wait for the next iPad (3). While the second version is only little improvements, the third one should be revolution LOL

Aussiegamer3914d ago

And yet they say that about every iphone, but they are just a newer shinier version of the exact same thing as the last version.

michass83914d ago

Ha ha good point. We will see what will they bring us in 2012 ( iPhone 5 and iPad 3 ) lol

Aussiegamer3914d ago

Isnt iphone 5 this year??

And yeah ipad 3 next year, I wont be holding out for it anyway. lol

michass83913d ago

well, yeah it might be this year, not too sure LOL