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Jon Bon Jovi accuses Steve Jobs of putting a shot through the heart of music

Engadget: Steve Jobs, according to musical legend Jon Bon Jovi, is "personally responsible for killing the music business." This strident (and economically false) accusation comes from an interview he conducted with Britain's Sunday Times, where he candidly sets out his dismay at this century's move away from music distribution on physical media and toward ubiquitous download portals.

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michass83912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

He should write a song about it LOL
It is easier for customer to actually download the music instead of: go and buy it than rip it, convert it and move it to the mp3 player... Artists getting money anyway, they have better a cheaper distribution channel so everybody should be happy... Artists should be glad that there are some services, where people actually pay for the music... LOL

fatstarr3912d ago

On the flip side I actually agree with bon jovi. I feel the same way about video games and i will be sad the day when everything is digitally distributed. Nothing compares to a collection of cases that touches the ceiling 4 or 5 times.