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The flying car to become a reality in 2012?

Terrafugia, a company based in Massachusetts, is set to make this a possibility next year by releasing the world’s first flying car; the Transition.

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technologymob3915d ago

Fyi, worth noting you will obviously need a pilots license.

michass83914d ago

What about traffic light in the sky if the traffic gets heavy :) lol

technologymob3914d ago

At that price tag I am sure there won't suddenly be thousands of planes!

michass83914d ago

It wouldn't bother to goto the airport if I had this crazy little machine LOL, Hopefully they will go cheaper :)

mortalrage3914d ago

I wouldnt be surprised if the government made them illegal, due to terrorist. Dam them bad apples, they ruin it for everyone else! :(

fatstarr3911d ago

the flying car couldnt work because airspace restrictions and such have already been implemented around the world...

to change it now would seem almost insane