Why I Am Not Getting an iPad 2…or any other tablet. Yet.

FleshEatingZipper Writes "As most know the Apple iPad 2 was announced last week by Apple in typical fanfare. As a gadget nerd I often get an itch to buy a tablet just because it’s something shiny and new. Right now, it seems better than ever to jump on the bandwagon. You have the iPad 2, you have the Motorola Xoom and you also have the HP Touchpad coming out in the summer along with the what seems like infinite other Android tablets. Yet here I am, confident another year will pass and I will not buy a Tablet."

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michass83917d ago

Good point, at the moment tablets are a bigger version of smartphone, the other issue is the battery life, that isn't great at all. The other is that if you decide to get the 3g, you need to sign up for some data plan, as you won't be able use WiFi everywhere... you probably already have one data plan, do you want another... lol