You can now report abusive or bullying behavior on Facebook

Today President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, unveiled a new anti-bullying feature that is now in effect on Facebook. The feature can be found in Facebook’s safety center where users experiencing problems can report them to a ‘trusted friend’ or a website moderator.

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technologymob3921d ago

A good move from Facebook. Seems they're really trying to improve their online initiatives.

michass83921d ago

They seems to be making good decisions, as a service they are growing very fast, specially in Europe, in the countries where they are something new.

technologymob3921d ago

Yup, I expect by the end of the year they will overtake Google in terms of Alexa.

I think I read more time is spent on Facebook than Google now.

michass83921d ago

I agree, it might happen... Facebook is close enough, most of my friend are really spending most of the time on Facebook and everybody actually have the account... lol