How the PC is making consoles look out of date

As console hardware ages game developers are again turning to the PC to showcase the jaw-dropping visuals that next generation games will be capable of.

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MarkusMcNugen3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Its a good thing this isnt on N4G. Youd get about 500 comments from console fanboys trying to tell you the PS3 can do all that. lol. They dont seem to realize their consoles are just mini specialized PCs. That CryEngine 3 Demo is pure sex... I cant wait for games to start looking like this as a normal standard.

Great read man! Good information too.

iamnsuperman3917d ago

It is a toss up really. Have a console and upgrade ever 5 (now seams longer) or buy a PC and upgrade more often to get the great specs.

michass83917d ago

When we should expect release of the playststion 4? Any ideas... LOL