Disney’s “Up” House Magically Comes To Life

Ever Have a child ask you “can that really happen?” Well, the answer is yes! Ok, I kid you not, the National Geographic Channel has recreated the house from the Disney Pixar movie “Up” and launched it into the air with big colorful balloons.

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toaster3922d ago

WOW that is insane!! UP is one of my favorite Pixar movies and I actually had tears in the cinema :3 this house is crazy awesome. I wish I could float up in it..

michass83922d ago

We should put this idea to live... in case of earth quake or floods or just moving house :) LOL

toaster3922d ago

I'm definitely going to try and make on of these houses in Garry's Mod when I get a chance.

michass83922d ago

LOL great idea, good luck with that :)

techniglee3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

Haha, great idea, the sky is gonna get pretty coloful !