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7 Reasons Why NOT to buy an Apple iPad 2

As CNN says: “Steve Jobs is a magician”. When it comes to presenting products, even Dave Cook couldn’t ignite a crowd better then Steve. He is the man. Being “the man” means that you are a human. And humans make mistakes. Steve did them when he designed the iPad 2, a nice looking tablet, which would have amazed our old eyes, a year ago.

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Speed-Racer3919d ago

alright, the character problem has been solved. wish the douchebag author would have admitted that though instead of trying to make me out as the bad one.

toaster3919d ago

Strange.. I'm still getting it :|

"As CNN says: “Steve Jobs is a magician”."

No idea if you can see the characters. I'm on Chrome 9.

Speed-Racer3919d ago

I believe because the page has no charset, there may be a chance of funny characters depending on the browser we use and what language/character encoding our PCs and browsers use. Works in Firefox now as compared to last night. In Call of Duty, I also see this same problem sometimes.

duplissi3919d ago

ill be getting either the xoom or galaxy 10.

not knocking the ipad, what it does it does well but like ive said before i feel boxed in and contained useing apple products.

Captain Tuttle3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

I'm getting the weird character problem too Toaster...Firefox's latest version here.

Anyway, I want a Xoom. I was messing around with one at Costco today. Really slick. I'm just sick and tired of the iOS.

fatstarr3918d ago

7 smiles on my face.
haha I will be known for hating apple :D.

but something is up with this website.

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SerbanSilviu3918d ago

The problem is solved now. I am just a writer, not the webmaster, and I wasn't having problems with viewing the post.

Speed-Racer3918d ago

Yea well dont call me out next time saying I just like to report to kicks.

SkylineR3919d ago

What about developer support? The app store? How do these other tablets compare to it? How many other "app stores" are as profitable as Apple's?
That's 1 key difference with the iPad is the amount software you can get on it and the multitude of uses you can gain out of it.
It's not all about specs sometimes...

Tommykrem3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Apple's app store might be more profitable than Android's market, but Android's market has way more free products, and you'd actually need a hacked iPad to get some of the apps you can download on tabs and phones running Android for free.
Besides, the comparison here is between the iPad and iPad 2 and their developer support is excactly the same on both devices.

So personally I won't get iPad 2, as iPad 3 will probably be released a minute later anyway. Besides, as this list states the changes to iPad 2 are abyssmal. Probably a better investment just to buy the first one, even when 2 is out.

mcstorm3918d ago

That was a bit of a fan boy rant but I agree that people should not buy an iPad two. But it will sell like hot cakes because Apple are very clever with there adds. Every 12 months or just under they bring out what they call new amazing hardware when in fact its a small upgrade to the one released before but they enable somthing that other devices have had for years but because the mass market don't understand technology they think its something new that no other device can do.
If you look aback at the orignal iPod touch and the iPad 2 and tell me it is a big keep forward in technology? I don't think anyone could say it is.

Apple have a very good marketing team who have made the devices sell like they have.

I do think the Apple rain will come to an end in a few years as everyone else has better devices that cost less and work and look better than the I toys.

hakman3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

I think steve jobs is dying and he is wasting no time pushing out as much apple tech as he can.

sad but true to me.