Apple Hates and Fears Facebook, says Insider

650 million people use Facebook. It is far and away the most popular photo-sharing site in the world. And yet, when you take a picture with the built-in iPhone photo app, the only sharing options you have are email and MMS.

How much nicer would it be to be able to tag your friends faces in the app, and allow them to upload in real time to Facebook?

Oh well, no dice.

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Gondee3925d ago

I believe they are just to lazy to do it. I think in time though, it will certainly have the option. Maybe it will be one of those things apple holds back for their next product just to fuck you over.

INehalemEXI3924d ago

I don't want everyone looking at my mug either...It's mind blowing smexy.

kevnb3924d ago

Facebook might force them to support flash.