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New Panasonic Camera Replaces Your Face With a More Attractive Version of Your Face

In this socially networked age it can be tough to manage your personal brand, what with all those hastily snapped pics from last night ending up on Facebook (and Twitter, and Last Night’s Party, any number of Tumblr feeds). What if your hair wasn’t right? What if, heaven forbid, someone captured a pic that wasn’t of your “good side.” The new Panasonic LUMIX FX77 has the answer: a "beauty re-touch" function that tweaks your skin tone, whitens your teeth, adjusts your makeup, and otherwise replaces images of you with a more attractive person that looks like you.

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michass83925d ago

Good bye Photoshop, from now on when you do a picture of a person, camera will swap it for someone else anyway, why bother... we should just browse the image, and copy them to our social network... LOL Girls will love it :)