Picking a Web Host and Software for Your Blog

"It can be quite a daunting task when selecting a web hosting company, especially when it’s your first time. There are many factors to consider, and depending on what you want to do will decide on what features are most important for you. For the purpose of this article I want to discuss what you need to host a blog."

Cody @

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Speed-Racer3288d ago

Typepad is good, but you first have to pay for it and then you need to know how to customize it. Most blogging scripts are good but a lot of users don't have the skill in configuring it properly. Nonetheless Wordpress is very good.

Finally, just dont go getting your self Reddited or Dugg, because a shared host will shatter under the traffic...even with the best cache methods out there (e.g. W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache).

codyodiodi3287d ago

Eh I don't know, N4G gave one of my blogs 32,000 visitors in a single day on a shared host. It survived just fine.

I just like Wordpress because it can do more than just blogging, you can build online arcades like addicting games with the right script.

Speed-Racer3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

A single day... try a single hour. It also doesnt matter the totals but how fast the traffic comes in (i.e. how many simultaneous connections the server can handle without freezing up). But I wont go on since you did mention budgetary constraints.

codyodiodi3287d ago

Well to be fair, I woke up in the morning and I was already at 32k, this was over a 7 hour period and since it was about boobies in video games an admin took it down soon after that.

Some shared web hosts are great and will throttle you down if you are using too many resources. Others are not so great. I've moved to a VPS that wasn't able to handle what my shared host could handle and then had to upgrade to a dedicated server. Just my experience anyway. I've never been hit by digg, but I had a friend that was top story of reddit, his site I think finally gave up after 50k visits.

Speed-Racer3287d ago

Lol .. mind if I ask which VPS?

And yes, really not about the amount of total hits but how many it can handle "at the same time". The shared ones do pretty OK but I hate it when they temporarily suspend the account, which can drive users away. The last big hit I got with my VPS was about 400,000 in 5 hours and I didnt scale up in time and got error 500s for a couple seconds. :P

codyodiodi3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Yeah lemme try to find them again, can't remember their name, they were terrible at everyone.

I moved over to LiquidWeb who are absolutely amazing and affordable for dedicated (and VPS) but I'll edit this comment once I find the terrible host.

And I found them, it was InMotion. They look awesome, but they are just terrible, the dedicated server was alright (over paid for it IMO though) but their tech support sucked and they were just a nightmare.

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fatstarr3287d ago

wordpress is awesome using it has taught me alot.