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Windows 7 Service Pack 1 publicly available today

IGNIQ writes:

"It’s finally here. The first service pack for Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system is finished after more than 8 months of beta testing. Although it doesn’t yet appear on Microsoft’s download center it is expected to be up in the next few hours. You will also be able to snag the service pack via Windows Update, in fact that is what Microsoft recommends for most users."


Microsoft launches app for iPhone users to use iMessage on PC

Microsoft has made it easy for iPhone users to check their mobile updates on Windows-enabled computers.

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Microsoft is dabbling with ads in the Windows 11 Settings menu

Is nothing sacred?

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Microsoft DirectStorage is finally here, but there's a catch

Microsoft's next-generation storage API for PC games might be kind of a mess. Taking a look at the news around the DirectStorage implementation in Forspoken and what it might mean for the API going forward.

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