Is the Social Media bubble going to burst?

BT: "Recently, Facebook was revalued at $67.5 billion on the SecondMarket, while Twitter was revalued at $10 billion, which brings up the question of whether a social media bubble is forming, and if it has, when will it burst?"

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-Mezzo-4309d ago

I firmly believe that it will, but not anytime soon. people are hooked on Social Networking as a couple of my friends are on Drugs.

Social Networking died for me almost a year ago, all my friends contact through email, or the best way "We Call Each Other".

Speed-Racer4309d ago

I think it has skyrocketed and blown up so quickly over the past year. Facebook seems stagnant now with regards to ideas. Other than site design changes, they offer nothing new really.

michass84308d ago

Facebook and other similar services are hiting the eastern Europe, and growing fast. Is the social media bubble going to burst? Yes it will, but we will wait for that another while, as at the moment we have growing trend in the number of the new users.

Speed-Racer4308d ago

It just amazes me how much people spend on Virtual money and stuff... virtual coins etc. I wonder what the next big thing would be though, wonder if anybody could come up with an idea to topple Facebook.

Hassassin4308d ago

i thought of that with a friend some days ago... after long deliberation we found no answer. you'd say we would be rich by now if we had come up with something.

snoop_dizzle4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

Virtual currency is pretty much where things are going if you think about it. Granted, at this point, it has started with menial things, but there is a reason they are doing it, especially with the amount of people that use their service (even if a small percentage use virtual currency, that is still significant).

The problem for "Facebook competitors" is older genrations have latched on to Facebook, which is pretty much what no social media service has done before, and has grown to a staggering size. My grandmother and grandfather are on Facebook for heavens sake, lol. Also, considering the sheer amount of personal information on Facebook, that makes them a VERY valuable company, and beyond their estimated $67 billion value. Some unkown company isn't likely going to pop up and hurt them (like Diaspora), unless they have an insane strategy.

An idea alone would not topple Facebook, Or else Facebook would likely just use a similar idea or buy off the competition. Now Google on the other hand would likely be the one to fear if there were to be a competitor, as they were considering an equivalent, though with recent events they are playing together quite nicely. And at that point, Google might buy off some competition, or someone else. Especially considering that while Facebook is not perfect, their system is pretty good. And Buzz didn't turn out so well, lol.

That is not to say Facebook is invincible; far from it. But it isn't a run of the mill social network like many people seem to make it out to be.

michass84308d ago

Can you imagine Google and Facebook together... pure power... they would ruled the world... lol

Speed-Racer4308d ago

Doubt it would be possible. Anti competitive laws may come in place

Techsmith4305d ago

Exactly what I was thinking, the EU would Nuke both Google and Facebook lol