Rubik's Cube with a brainy twist

Pocket-Lint: There are some things in this life that we all have to come to terms with, and one of Pocket-lint's is that we'll never - ever - complete a Rubik's Cube. On the rare occasions that we've tried it usually ends up with tears, bruising and a variety of small, coloured, and rather distressed-looking cubes littered about the floor.

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-Mezzo-4667d ago

Looks cool, but how will we know if we have solved it or not.

Would feel weird holding it.

ChickeyCantor4666d ago

The lines should connect...use your brain man.

michass84667d ago

lol Who have a square brain? :)
They should use it for some kind of storage devices like external discs :D

jidery4667d ago

It stores info to solve it.


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