Pocket-Lint: HTC at MWC: All the phones, all our thoughts

Pocket-Lint: The dust has settled over Barcelona as Mobile World Congress draws towards a close for another year. The big manufacturers have displayed their devices hoping to capture customer enthusiasm and be the next big handset. We’re looking at each of the individual company’s offerings and considering what they’ve put on the table.

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-Mezzo-4147d ago

WOW, look at all those phones, i guess they released over 50 Smartphones in the last 12 Months, and people (Including Me) complain about Apple products having a short lifespan.

michass84147d ago

They are great devices, but there is not much difference between them. I still have Htc Desire and for upgrade I am looking for something more than just slightly improvements in specs. Samsung devices gives us dual core processors (they are much more energy efficient and powerful), just wondering why HTC did not go for more advanced technology like that.
Overall these devices will be very popular, but as a HTC user I would expect something more from this new devices.