Why are we happy to put up with bad broadband?

Which? Convo: Our recent broadband satisfaction survey found that even the unhappiest customers don’t always leave. Eight out of ten of those with the worst performing provider (AOL Broadband) have never switched. But why?

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xDaRkModEx3716d ago

How can I switch my cable broadband when it's the only one in the area? I'm not going back to dsl or dial up...

techie3715d ago

I guess in the UK we have a better situation going...

michass83715d ago

People are just to lazy or have no choice... otherwise it is just stupid lol

-Mezzo-3714d ago

The internet sucks here where i live, i pay 24KD = $80 for 1.5 MB, The download speed it good but the Upload speed sucks, i get constant LAG while gaming.

No matter how bad Internet is in UK or USA, it's still better than this, i envy you guys.

michass83714d ago

If you want to get a good broadband you need to pay more... I don't complain for my speed (up and down) but for the data allowance... if I would like to get the unlimited data plan I must change the broadband provider an pay more than double what I am paying now... :/ hopefully in few years all broadband infrastructure will improve and we will get good service for less money...

Gondee3714d ago

Theres nothing we can do =(

And honestly, there are so few, its easy for them all to be evil and get away with it