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3D camcorders: gimmick or game changer?

PC & Tech Authority: "Back in my day, all these fields were in 2D...”

It seems like everything's jumping on the 3D bandwagon these days. TVs, movies, videogame consoles, webcams, compact cameras, even Internet porn. It’s therefore unsurprising that camcorder vendors getting in on the action, with Panasonic currently leading the charge.

If you’re thinking about buying a 3D camcorder (or just want to know what all the fuss is about) there are a few things you need to be aware of...

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grumpysmurf4300d ago

The thing is, until 3D TV takes off, these camcorders are going to be hugely limited. What's the point of a 3D video that you cant show on anybody's TV?

Strongfist364300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

Everything starts from nothing. There was a point where people said "who will buy cars if gas isnt readily available". Looking at it from your point of view would have placed restraints on the advancement of technology.

Speed-Racer4300d ago

I believe this is part of a wider gimmick plan. It might be successful in the 3D bubble arena, but I dont believe 3D tech will last long, because it simply isnt good for your eyes and physically is tiring after use (not even extended use). SO I believe it will flop early in the game.

techniglee4299d ago

Gimmick for now, but not in a few years. Glasses free technology is evolving. Toshiba and Sony are the first to bring it. Once glasses are no longer needed, 3D will explode. 3D film will be common place, more so than it is now.

michass84298d ago

3D is definitely the segment of technology, that all tech companies will try to hit. There is huge profit opportunity for them, as this is something new. If marketing convince people that 3D technology is 'great' everybody will upgrade sooner or later. If you buy TV you will probably upgrade camera and other devices as well etc. Something new, and to be honest, the top devices with 3D system are actually great, but still bit to expensive... hopefully prices go down soon.