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Which? Convo: Why I’m sick of software updates

Which? Convo: Software updates over the internet are fast, free… and not always necessary. Has the speed and opportunity to constantly release new versions made developers less inclined to get things right first time?

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sjaakiejj4300d ago

It's impossible to get things 'right' the first time, as requirements change every day. Software updates are fine, but they need to be more painless in the future. This means faster, and without any user interaction required. Best case this could all be done in the background of a running program.

GodsHand4300d ago

I would throw Sonys frimware updates in there to, far too many. I have never seen any device that updates as much as the PS3. Now while you can have these updates download while you are away or at night (PS+ only), I think they should give everyone that owns a PS3 that option, not only to plus memebers, because they are mandatory to access the online aspect of it.

michass84300d ago

It would be fine if there would be no need for restarting your machine... I really hate that... :)