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Pocket-Lint: Toshiba glasses-free 3D laptop eyes-on

Pocket-Lint: Over in Vegas at CES, Toshiba got a best in show nomination for its glasses-free 3D laptop prototype, although it was cruelly kept in a glass case.

But now it's free and Pocket-lint has taken it for a spin - at least our eyes have.

You see, unlike the Nintendo 3DS autostereoscopic 3D tech, that requires your eyes to be in the exact position to get the 3D effect, the Toshiba laptop uses its webcam to follow your peepers around the room and then fires over 3D imagery courtesy of its liquid crystal lenticulars on a standard LCD screen.

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Power outage causes Toshiba and Western Digital to lose 6 exabytes of NAND

Power outage causes Toshiba and Western Digital to lose 6 exabytes of NAND Offered the present oversupply of the NAND market,

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Codewow1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Easily on purpose given the fact that prices were hitting such low prices. Tech companies have been known to do similar things to bump prices back up.


Intel 660P QLC NAND-based SSD Spotted Online – To Cost Same As a SATA SSD

Intel’s upcoming 660P SSD has been spotted on multiple computer hardware retailers from Europe. The interesting thing about this is its appealing price tag.

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Engadget - Toshiba's Portege X20W is a sleek, durable convertible

Remember when Toshiba made laptops you could buy? Since the company stopped making consumer notebooks, it's been quietly regrouping and fine-tuning its business lines. Here at CES 2017, Toshiba is showing off its first convertible laptop with a 360-degree hinge for enterprise users. It's called the Portégé X20W, and after my brief hands-on with it, I'm already taken by its sturdy build, sharp design and promised endurance. But its lack of ports are a questionable decision to me.

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