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Fisher Price releases iCan Play Case and Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera, you'll thank 'em

Engadget: You know who you can count on to protect your technology? Fisher Price, that's who. We know, it sounds a bit crazy, but what other company out there is thinking about safeguarding your gadgets from those adorable yet greasy-handed kids? The company is kicking off Toy Fair with a few new gadgets that do just that, and first up, is that cute little Laugh & Learn iCan Play iPhone case up there.

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michass84676d ago

This thing is absolutely cool :D lol, some reason children just love technology :D and there is plenty apps for them available on the market :D just wondering is it lick proof lol


CES 2017: The hi-tech exercise bike for three-year-olds

Fisher-Price has unveiled a "smart" exercise bicycle for three-year-olds that tries to educate them as they work out.


Fisher Price takes your kid to spin class

Fisher Price is preparing the next generation for a life of apps and exercise bikes with its latest innovation in the way children play. The Smart Cycle is a miniature exercise bike with a tablet stand mounted on the front -- kids pedal to play the attached game. We got a hands-on look at the Smart Cycle at CES 2017, but unfortunately we weren't able to go feet-on.

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Fisher-Price smart bear allowed hacking of children's biographical data

Security researchers have found a flaw in the Smart Toy internet-connected teddy bear that used a child’s name, birthday and gender

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