War looms as Sony hints that it will abandon iTunes

SONY has signalled it may withdraw its artists from Apple's iTunes store and withhold its games from the iPhone in a sign the two companies are on the brink of all-out war.

Sony plans to open a competitor to iTunes, a music streaming service called Music Unlimited, in Australia soon.

Another service launching later this year will enable mobile phone users to pay and play first generation PlayStation games on their handsets. The head of Sony's games unit in Australia said it was unlikely to be available on the iPhone or through iTunes.

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Anarki4313d ago

Wow... This could ruin iTunes, seeing as Sony own quite a big chunk of the music industry..

CrawFail4313d ago

Yes, but it could also ruin Sony seeing as iTunes is one of, if not the, biggest platforms to purchase music.
iTunes is WELL established yet Sonys thing is starting from scratch.

The_KELRaTH4313d ago

Although I use iTunes to buy apps and transfer from the PC I rarely buy music as it's nearly always cheaper elsewhere. Amazon and other stores have the download software to drop the music into iTunes so really there's no reason Sony couldn't just do the same thereby bypassing Apples rather large additional charges.

SkyGamer4313d ago

Yeah that and movies. Wonder what brought this on? Maybe google is opening a new itunes service as sony seems to be in bed with the android service.

RememberThe3574312d ago

This doesn't sound like they are going to pull their content. More so that they are going to provide an alternative aimed at breaking Apples strangle hold on music downloads.

And frankly I like the sound of Music Unlimited much more than any other service out there.

zag4313d ago

It's called getting rid of the middle man.

Sony Australia in general have always had streaming music videos, you could download them only from the Australia and New Zealand store.

Then the freebie streaming from the Uk got released and they got rid of the full 1080HD music videos in favour of that.

Australia seems to be the Sony Music test bed, so anything Sony wants to test music wise they test out here.

Could be interesting as they seem to want to make music/movies buyable over the PSN or net so could be the first music company to do a music service.

TwistedMetal4312d ago

itunes is dumb lol. music is free...

Captain Tuttle4312d ago

Sony will never do it. Too much to lose. The most they'll do is negotiate a bigger percentage of revenue from their music sales on iTunes.

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