New Facebook Pages are here, and here is what's new

Facebook has gone the next step by allowing Fan Page owners to upgrade to a new theme similar to the new personal profile layout recently released. There are also a number of new features which make controlling and promoting Pages much easier.

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Speed-Racer4425d ago

Definitely a major improvement for webmasters to promote their pages

-Mezzo-4424d ago

It looks good, but Facebook is boring now, maybe just for me.

jidery4424d ago

Try making more exciting friends, it really makes facebook interesting.

-Mezzo-4424d ago

For me making friends is the Easiest thing to do, but making them Online is a tough goal to achieve, & adding people on Facebook that you know in Real life is pointless.

Speed-Racer4423d ago

@mezzo - well I disagree with real/online. Facebook has provided me with an easier method to stay in touch because sometimes you might not call or they are not online via IM. Most people dont even use email anyway but ensure their FB messages are checked, so ive gone that route.