Flash 10.2 Released - 34 times more efficient, Multi-Screen Support

Flash 10.2 was released today with a bunch of changes and updates. The most worth-while of these updates in the increase in efficiency. But that is not all.

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Naota4314d ago

I'm not going to lie. I am waiting to see whether you are going to thumb this down or up racer. >< lol

granthinds4313d ago

Possibly too little too late?

Naota4313d ago

I know what you mean... it is a shame that they did not take initiative before and did this..

Naota4312d ago

Well first the two groups have to decide whether to call it "HTML 5" or "HTML" seeing as how they are disagreeing on it at the moment. lol

frjoethesecond4312d ago

Does this have 64 bit support? Getting tired of waiting for firefox 64 because of flash.