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Exclusive Video Of INQ’s Facebook Phone

Techcrunch: Remember all that talk about a Facebook phone? And by that I mean an Android phone built by various cell phone manufacturers optimized for social experiences with Facebook’s help. If you want a refresher, read this interview Mark Zuckerberg gave TechCrunch last September where he explains Facebook’s mobile strategy. One of the first partners planning to come out with a Facebook phone will be INQ Mobile, a British startup owned by Hutchison Whampoa (HTC is also working on its own Facebook phone).

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-Mezzo-4308d ago

I highly doubt, that it will sell that well, even with the huge Facebook fanbase.

The basic Facebook use, can be achieved by any Smartphone on the Market. I don't think people will swap their current Smarphones with this.

Techsmith4308d ago

Agreed. This phone makes no sense.

michass84308d ago

It is a bit wider, comparing with other smartphones.
Who knows, there is plenty Facebook addicted people... maybe they will love the enhanced Facebook feature.:)