The iPad 2 is in Production

Looks like the iPad 2 will be here soon. The Wall Street Journal’s sources have spilled the beans, they say the iPad 2 is now in production.

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Techsmith4679d ago

So many tablets in 2011, what happen to the laptop? Anyone?

Unbornkirkster194678d ago

I don't think anything will happen to laptops. If you have ever used a iPad in class its definitely not the ideal device to take notes on. Its awkward to type on it and touch screen to me is just overall inferior to actual keys.

deafwing4678d ago

yea agree, the tablets just don't have the power that they do in alot of cases.

hazeblaze4678d ago

I agree. I'm getting the blue tooth keyboard for the Motorola Xoom, but even then, the productivity apps on tablets don't compare to pc software at all...

Still, tablets are still 'cooler' than laptops. The fact that it's so easily held in your hands, and yet large enough for a full experience, watching movies and browsing the web is much more enjoyable on a tablet than on a laptop. And for people that own desktops, a mobile tablet is definitely handy.

-Mezzo-4679d ago

It may look like that Laptops are dying, but they won't, no matter how improved the tablets, they can never replace Laptops, the only reason Laptops aren't in t he news that much these days, is only because every Company is trying to cash in on the HOT Tablet Market.

The only thing that is truly dead is (Desktops), I Feel bad for those guys.

techniglee4679d ago

Desktops will only be used by graphic artists, video editors, etc.. Laptops likely for students or those who need to type a lot, everyone else, or 99.9% tablets...

Enate4678d ago

I wouldn't say that, there are plenty of people who game on desktops still. Most laptops still don't have a viable cooling solution to last past 3 to 4 years. Heat degradation is still a huge issue with pretty much all laptops and the more powerful it is the more heat it generates. Not to mention the difference in laptop versus desktop in expandability and ease of replacing parts.

michass84678d ago

Heavy users, game players - desktops;
Intermediate users, some games but mostly internet and as using it as a work tool - laptops;
Light users, chasing the fashion, internet and some small apps, on the move - tablets

michass84678d ago

Back to the article, it is a great news for Apple fans. It did not take long since they release iPad. Just wondering which one will be better iPad 2 or Motorola Xoom... hard life if You want to buy device this kind... :D

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