Stay Away From Best Buy’s Trade-in Buy Back Service

Best Buy’s newly released gadget trade-in service seems like a great idea on the surface, but when you take a closer look, it’s actually a horrible deal for consumers. The way the service works is Best Buy will charge you a fee to use the service, normally $39.99 for devices less than $350 and $59 for more than that. Not only is that an incredibly expensive plan, but it only covers devices purchased at Best Buy Stores.

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akaFullMetal4676d ago

This writer is misinformed, pay no attention, see bestbuy and they will tell u the truth.

Techsmith4676d ago

Obvious Best Buy employee is obvious.

-Mezzo-4676d ago

These type of services are never good, they are always a Rip-Off's, i think rather than getting that Trade-in service people should just Put Their Product on Ebay, if they don't need it anymore. i will definitely get you more than Best Buy.

Techsmith4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

Exactly, ebay, craigslist, and amazon are way better.I would never trust a company like Best Buy with these sort of services. These guys charge hundreds of dollars to installed anti-virus lol


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