What effect has the internet had on our sex lives?

Guardian: Sex is everywhere on the web and you're most likely familiar with such content, whether you are a purveyor or you've stumbled across an article or television show that claims the new technology corrupts society by exposing us to unheard-of sexual practices involving harnesses and balloons. These exposés are then usually followed by detailed descriptions and photos of the harnesses and balloons.

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michass84322d ago

Definitely gives some ideas for even better nights :)
We are just the males... it is not our fault, we are programmed to think about sex every 8 seconds... :)

Speed-Racer4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

I dont know but I use Facebook to hit on my chic friends which results in more sexy time later on. I know them personally but its obviously been more efficient at communication.

-Mezzo-4321d ago

I don't think the Internet has had any bad effect on (My) sex life, if any, the effect has been for the good. :), hope my GF doesn't reads this. lol

Techsmith4321d ago

The internet like all things can a great thing or a bad thing, It all depends on the person.

Cat4321d ago

Some things are just private. Private, but not secret.

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