Pocket-Lint: Hands-on with Panasonic's TH-103VX200U 103-inch 3D plasma

Pocket-Lint: Most flatscreen TVs are mass-market commodities, but Pocket-lint got a peek at some very special plasmas from Panasonic at this week’s trade-only ISE (integrated Systems Europe) event in Amsterdam. Already approved by Pope Benedict XVI - several of these giant Panasonic plasmas now adorn the Vatican Museum - these monster screens truly are the current benchmark in picture quality.

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TLG19914318d ago

hmmm is that it, still to small

michass84318d ago

Now this is the home cinema... 103 inch 3D TV.
The price is crazy... for 103" - £84,000 and for 152" - £450,000... this is way to expensive... lol