Payback: Upset Ex-Girlfriend Spams Boyfriend In Google Images

Upset boyfriends and girlfriends are nothing new. There are plenty of stories of girlfriends getting back at their ex-boyfriends for mistreatment and visa versa. But in the age where Google ranks supreme, you do not want to mess with a girl who knows how to manipulate Google.

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-Mezzo-4689d ago

Lol, one of the most weird & funny way of getting back at your EX. lol

TVippy4687d ago

LoL, a pathetic bitch is all she is.

michass84688d ago

That is awesome, she will find job sooner than she thinks :D great skills.

KiraxYamato4688d ago (Edited 4688d ago )

she really didn't manipulate Google. She only use Memegenerator to make those pictures. Create a new picture with the character name (she put her boyfriend name) then add title and caption. simple as that. Even a 13 year old can do it lol.

Speed-Racer4688d ago

Memegenerator has Google power because of its high PR and traffic. Easiest way to get a meme started once it has some catchy phrases and a funny enough pic

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fatstarr4688d ago

Once you post it it never disappears.
the magic of the internet.

Tommykrem4688d ago (Edited 4688d ago )

Funny way to get back at him, sure, but I hope he sues her!
Seriously, she must be incredibly bitchy to go that far. And shameless. The boy might be a terrible human being too, but still.

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