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Kaz Hirai on the NGP

PS Blog: The day we announced the Next Generation Portable, or NGP, was quite an eventful one. You might have followed the live blog, read the message on the Blog from SCEA CEO Jack Tretton, seen the topics trending on Twitter (6 out of 10 worldwide at one point!), or read the hands-on impressions.

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Kenichiro Yoshida equally deserves credit for Sony’s turnaround

A look at the role of Kenichiro Yoshida under current CEO Kaz Hirai.

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Kaz Hirai to step down as CEO of Sony

In a planned retirement, the head of Sony will step down from the company later this year with current CFO taking over his duties.

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Kaz Hirai wants to keep Xperia to be part of the next ‘paradigm shift’

Does he miss what the next paradigm shift is actually going to be and is Xperia actually needed for that transition?

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S2Killinit2143d ago

their noise cancelling technology is second to none.

SRN_Tech2141d ago

Agreed. Especially in bigger headphones, they are definitely ahead of Bose