Boxee Box, can it beat your Cable or Dish?

Boxee Box, a home theater media device that may sound silly but will surprise you with its ability to give you the best of the best from the net straight to your TV, without ever needing to search the web.

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Cat4316d ago

Syko, is this what you want?

michass84316d ago

In fact internet TV is the future... but we need unlimited data plan for this kind of devices otherwise I smell trouble...

_Q_4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

I still dont get the appeal of D-Link's toy. To me all these set top replacements tend to fail in one crucial spot. Content provider support... Just a few weeks ago a bunch of networks essentially locked out Google TV. The main reason is that these content providers(NBC,CBS,Fox,etc) have different deals with different groups to provide their content on each medium. So if NBC has a deal with Company X to provide their shows on the TV its usually a very different separate group that NBC has a deal with to provide the content online. Google TV and Boxee step on the toes of both those groups. These groups protect their deals and normally have the content providers by the balls threatening to sue. The only way these set top replacements will work is if the play along with the current status quo. Most content providers have not shown any interest in working with these new players so again, that brings me back to the lack of appeal for these devices. Personally the PS3 already does most of what these boxes include(Netflix,VUDU,HULU+,you tube,etc ..) so Its not a big deal to just keep your cable(with a dvr)and have a PS3. I understand that people are gunning to have only one device but I just don't see that happening soon unless R-view takes off which will unify things much better. *takes a breath*