The Daily to launch on other tablets

Pocket-Lint: The Daily will not be an iPad exclusive digital publication forever, Rupert Murdoch confirmed at the launch event in New York.

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The Vikhr Is Russia's New Remote-Controlled Tank

It seems only yesterday when Russia taught it’s cyber cosmonaut how to dual wield pistols, and once again, the country is rolling out the latest in high-tech robotics with a remote-controlled tank. According to the Daily Mail, Russia’s tank, dubbed the Vikhr — which is also the name of an anti-tank missile and a compact assault rifle — is completely unmanned.

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The Daily Mail talks to private equity firms as it flirts with Yahoo bid

The parent company of U.K. tabloid Daily Mail may make a bid for Yahoo’s news and media businesses. According to the WSJ, the Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) has held discussions with several private equity firms to partner on an offer.

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sonicwrecks2789d ago

Considering the Daily Mail's reputation in the UK I've some rather severe doubts as to how that would benefit Yahoo's own reputation.


Now yahoo is no longer going to survive and i read this before that yahoo is going to sell it.


News Corp Has Lost $10 Million On The Daily This Year

“In the quarter, we have lost about $10 million on The Daily,” News Corp president Chase Carey told analysts on the group’s Q3 earnings call. A colleague also said The Daily has seen 800,000 downloads since launch.

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