Onkyo lays out tablet roadmap – Oak Trail, Cedar Trail upgrades later this year

Netbook News: Onkyo, a small outfit based in Japan, has laid out roadmaps for its tablet lineup this year which consists of two series – the SlatePC series which are Windows, Intel based tablets and the SlatePad series which are ARM, Android based tablets.

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AOC Takes Integrated Sound Seriously, Packs Dual 7W Onkyo Speakers Inside 24-inch Monitor

Maximum PC: We can't recall ever being blown away by a monitor's integrated speakers. Most of the time, the cans that pass for speakers in a display are tinny and muffled at worst, and serviceable at best, which isn't exactly a glowing recommendation. Looking to change that, AOC injected a pair of 7W Onkyo stereo speakers into its newest 24-inch IPS display (i2473Pwm), which sit in an oversized base.

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Onkyo To Enter Headphone Market

TWICE: "Home audio supplier Onkyo will enter the headphone market at International CES.

The company didn’t reveal details, but it said lineup will be displayed under the Gibson tent in front of the convention center’s Central Hall."


Onkyo unveils AirPlay Wireless Audio System for Apple devices and iTunes

Pocket-Lint: Onkyo has revealed details of its latest AirPlay Wireless Audio System. Plug an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into the Onkyo ABX-N300 iOnly Stream and you’ll be able to stream any music through the speaker system.

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