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China Search Engine Baidu Sees Q4 Profits Nearly Triple

China's largest search engine Baidu continues to post strong earnings, with the company's net profits more than doubling for the fourth quarter in 2010.


Indian Govt Bans PUBG And 117 More Chinese Apps, Here's The List

Currently, the govt of India banned 118 Chinese apps such as PUBG, Baidu, VooV, Cut Cut, Zakzak, Rise of Kingdoms, and others.

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Baidu make their self driving tech open source with project Apollo

While tech giants in the West squabble over who owns what propitiatory tech one of their Chinese competitors has decided to do the opposite. The Chinese technology firm Baidu has announced the “Apollo” project. With the aim of making all of their self driving tech open source and available to the automotive industry at large.

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pressjudge2420d ago

Baidu will already a giant with this will be unstoppable

MattDavisGR2420d ago

The more companies in the race the faster will the results appear :D


Baidu Uses Map Searches To Predict When Crowds Will Get Out Of Control

MIT Technology Review

China’s leading Internet search company, Baidu, says that data collected from its customers could be used to predict and preëmpt potentially deadly crowd gatherings in the real world.

Baidu has an incredible amount of data to mine. Out of a total population of 1.35 billion in China, more than 657 million people use its services. And some 302 million use its map services each month.

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