Facebook Makes Us All Sad Because Everyone Is Happy But Us

Switched: As a young woman in her mid-twenties, up to her ears in a career and living in the mile-a-minute metropolis of New York, in many ways, I am "living the dream." But like all of us, I log into my Facebook and see the myriad friends I left at home. One, in particular, let's call her Stella, just had her second baby, seems to have a preternaturally close relationship with her husband, and spends her day designing clothing from her home. How happy she must be, I think. Gosh, her life must be perfect. And then I feel sad for my work-oriented existence.

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Speed-Racer4437d ago

That's a load of crap because almost all photos are staged. Those smiling faces are just for the camera. I know many girls who had fights at parties, yet their photos reflected the opposite.