Microsoft Sold Over 2 Million Windows Phone 7 Licenses

Microsoft just released the numbers for it’s Windows Phone 7 operating system and discussed how well the Windows maker has done in the mobile arena so far. The company says “over 2 million” licenses have been sold to OEMs around the world last quarter, consumer satisfaction is on an all time high at 93 percent up 22 points to 66 percent.

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Techsmith3761d ago

Not bad for a product that launched only 2 months ago.

toaster3760d ago

It's because of Isaiah Mustafa :P nobody can resist his sexy voice.

Techsmith3760d ago

lol, you may be right :)

inbetweener3760d ago

Those are terrible numbers...

Techsmith3759d ago

Sure, compared to Android or the iPhone.

inbetweener3756d ago

Compared to their competition, yes.