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Tatooine's twin suns - coming to a planet near you just as soon as Betelgeuse explodes

Well look at that: we may have another “sun” soon. That would be swell, and certainly the greatest thing to happen to sunglasses manufacturers. A scientist in Australia says that Betelgeuse, which is something like 640 light years away, appears to be losing mass at a fairly rapid rate. If that happens the star could go supernova, which would produce such a blindingly bright, uh, image, that it would be as visible in our sky as a second sun. Wild.

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Reports are emerging that the planet earth may have two suns in 2012. A massive star, Betelgeuse, is beginning to die and will go supernova when it finally snuffs it. Earth is way out of the line of fire, and since it is so far away, there is no telling when it will go supernova or if we will even see it.


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