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Angry Birds Series Coming Soon

That’s right Angry Birds is headed for your living room! Soon those vengeful birds and round green pigs will be featured in their own animated series.

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Angry Birds and Cash Cows

Planet Ivy: Literally anyone can intuit how a touchscreen catapult works, and the demographic-sweeping genius of cartoony violence shouldn’t be underestimated; here is a textbook deployment of the kind of mild excitement which never threatens to disturb an obligatory, public transport-ready mask of indifference.

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bytefeast3878d ago

Still the most-played game on my iPhone by a long,long way..

moviewatcher3877d ago

Yeah. They make mad money off this random idea!


Angry Birds Maker Doubles Revenue in 2012, Toys Contribute 45 Percent

HotHardware: Rovio, creator of the wildly popular Angry Birds franchise, has every reason to smile. The developer announced its financial results for the company's full calendar year for 2012, noting that total consolidated full year revenue ballooned to €152.2 million (around $195 million), up more than 100 percent compared to 2011.

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Every gesture required to beat Angry Birds transformed into modern art

Geek: Whereas most people mindlessly play Angry Birds on our morning commute, swiping away at the slingshot while we occasionally look up to check the stop, artist Evan Roth had another idea in mind for Rovio’s game.